Viewing panoramas on mobile devices

   Recently we had a need for creating panoramas (for more info see our other blogs) for few of our projects. Most of them required viewing panoramas on mobile devices. There are many free 360 panoramic view apps out there but we are always looking for flexibility and ability to customize apps to fit our needs. The ideal option is to find JavaScript based library for 360 panorama in-browser viewer for speed and cross-platform use with following criteria:

Working with Panoramas

After several miss steps and software issues I have managed to streamline my process for taking pictures and turning them into panoramas. After capturing the photographs using the 360 Heros H3Pro7 I attempted to move the files to the computer using 360CamMan which as it seems only can transfer video. I then moved the files by hand and using a batch naming process with IrfanView placed the photos into folders by camera with the naming convention of ####Gopro##.

Orientation Logging Hardware Design for Panorama Alignment

Panoramas can be created by stitching several images from multiple cameras mounted on a rig together. One of the problems with stitching these images together is the alignment of the final output of the panorama itself. Ideally we would want to have all of our panoramas to have the same azimuth orientation and altitude angle for consistency. We can control the orientation with an electromechanical gimbal or we can post process the panoramas by using the orientation data.