3D Model Request

The IMAGINE Lab creates and maintains 3D models of the Georgia Tech campus and the surrounding city of Atlanta. The models are available to the Georgia Tech community for academic and research purposes provided they adhere to the following conditions:  

No Redistribution: The 3D models and associated assets are provided by the IMAGINE Lab to the individuals listed on this agreement. Redistribution or sharing of the 3D models and associated assets to anyone not listed on this agreement is strictly prohibited. A new request must be submitted to include any additional individuals. Models can only be used once for the intended project stated on the form.  

Limited Use:The 3D models and associated assets may only be used for academic and research use. Submitted requests will be evaluated for the intended use. 

Acknowledgment: Use of the 3D models and associated assets in any publication or presentation requires acknowledgment using the following language: The 3D models were provided by the IMAGINE Lab in the College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  

Derived Works: Any work derived from the 3D models and associated assets, such a rendering, animation, presentation, publication or application, must be shared with the IMAGINE Lab within six months of delivery of the 3D models and associated assets. This requirement is for internal reporting purposes only. The Imagine Lab will not redistribute, publish or utilize derived products for research or commercial purposes without prior, written consent of the faculty member listed below. However, the Imagine lab reserves the right to include descriptions, including images, and samples of the derived products on any College of Design managed website.  

To make a request, fill out and sign the below pdf form and email to ImagineLab@design.gatech.edu with the subject 3D Model Request. In the email clearly state what are the models are going to be used for, type of output you wish to receive (e.g. .obj, .fbx or similar), highlighted area of interest (e.g. on google map) attached to the email along with filled and signed form. 

Model Request Form