Working with Panoramas

After several miss steps and software issues I have managed to streamline my process for taking pictures and turning them into panoramas. After capturing the photographs using the 360 Heros H3Pro7 I attempted to move the files to the computer using 360CamMan which as it seems only can transfer video. I then moved the files by hand and using a batch naming process with IrfanView placed the photos into folders by camera with the naming convention of ####Gopro##. Once removed from the cameras I placed all the photos in a single folder and used the PTgui Batch Stitcher to process the photos into panoramas comprised of 7 photographs. This new naming convention dramatically decreases the time it previous took to process these panoramas. This process has brought to light another issue with PTgui, Its inconsistent stitching methods. The 4 panoramas stitched from today’s photo set exhibit varying orientations. I hope to resolve this using PTgui’s template capability. It not we may be moving away from the software and use some other method. It is not too difficult to adjust the panorama by hand to correct for orientation but I would imagine doing this for several hundred panoramas would be extremely tedious.