Viewing panoramas on mobile devices

   Recently we had a need for creating panoramas (for more info see our other blogs) for few of our projects. Most of them required viewing panoramas on mobile devices. There are many free 360 panoramic view apps out there but we are always looking for flexibility and ability to customize apps to fit our needs. The ideal option is to find JavaScript based library for 360 panorama in-browser viewer for speed and cross-platform use with following criteria:

Name Link Works on mobile devices Free 360 + 180 view Multi touch Accelerometer Ease of use Fine tune on UI : Incremental navigation with onscreen buttons and zoom Ability to add hotspots Working in at least 2 browsers: Safari, Chrome
​jQuery spherical panorama viewer / X X / / X / / X
three.js X X X X X / X X /
Valiant360 / X X / / X / / /
Pannellum X X X / / / / X X
Leanorama X X X X X X X X X

After reviewing few options I decided to go with Leandigo/Leanorama for obvious reason of meeting all of the requirements. With Leanorama I was able to quickly modified existing demo example with little knowledge of js to create panorama viewer.