• Photogrammetry in 3D Advanced Architectural Visualization

    3D Advanced Architectural Visualization is a complex process which involves design, 3D modeling of existing and non-existing buildings, texturing, animation, compositing etc. with purpose of helping clients visualize ideas and decide on the best solution in design process.

    One of the biggest challenge is to get accurate as-build measurements of existing buildings since 3D documentation are rarely available. That means that artist have to go onsite to collect reference images and the field measurements using two methods:

  • EPC Integration

    Energy Performance Calculator is an Excel based energy modeling software based on the ISO 13790 for a fast feedback in reduced order modeling. The results show a monthly normative heat balance calculations for a specific building with a simple input, yet precise enough results. The parameters that are required involve the area of opaque surface and windows per orientation, areas and other specifics of each thermal zone, overall heat transfer coefficient (U value) for the walls, windows and roof, shading factor etc.

  • Cistern AR

    A part of GATECH environmental sustainability project is a Stormwater master plan. Stormwater plan is a system of pipes and cisterns laid under the ground in various campus locations with purpose of collecting rainwater and using it for toilet flushing and irrigation.
    Department of Capital Planning and Space Management had asked Imagine Lab to help visualize Stormwater system on one of the locations. Imagine lab created Augmented Reality application using 3D software and game engine currently available on android tablets.


  • ARboretum

    Atlanta has the reputation of being a “city in a forest”, with a large and varied tree population that provides shade for its residents, a habitat for wildlife, consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, produces life-giving oxygen, in addition to many other benefits. In keeping with its context and commitments to environmental awareness and conservancy, the Georgia Tech campus contains hundreds of species of trees that cover the landscape.

  • GWCCA Development

    The Georgia World Congress Center is Atlanta’s premiere conference venue, located just south of Georgia Tech’s campus along Northside Drive. More than a million guests attend functions there every year.

    The Imagine Lab was contracted by the owners of the Georgia World Congress Center to create a 3D model of the Convention Center and surrounding areas including the Georgia Dome and its forthcoming replacement. Using this model, an animation is being created to illustrate the growth of the GWCCA from its inception in 1976, to its present state, and its future as well.

  • Peachtree Corridor

    The Peachtree Corridor project looks into transforming 16.5 miles of Peachtree Street into a more pedestrian-friendly connecting the north and south linearly through increased development of streetscapes and public transportation infrastructure. This boulevard would move people better, make businesses stronger, draw more residents and give Atlantans a far more enjoyable experience in their city. 

  • Georgia Aquarium

    During the construction of The Georgia Aquarium, the Imagine Lab was contacted to create a slideshow of 2D images that was to be used to market this attraction to potential benefactors. The project began as a series of 2D images in slideshow format but grew to into several 3D flythroughs of the site and a multimedia DVD. Working from CAD data provided by the architects as well as numerous site visits to collect reference imagery, the Imagine Lab created a total of 8 animations. These included the 5 galleries, the event room, an exterior flythrough, and an atrium flythrough.